Tax Time!

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Tax Deals on MICR Printers

During tax season it seems as if there is no time to get everything done. What if you need to print professional checks and you need a no-hassle solution? We recommend starting with a MICR Check Printing Package that includes a black and white printer with a MICR Toner Cartridge. You will need check printing software as well, some of which include a ream of blank check paper to get the ball rolling.

HP LaserJet printers in particular are recommended for printing checks due to easy set up and the cost of magnetic ink cartridges are fairly low, compared with specialized brands such as TROY which can easily cost $400. For those who absolutely must have genuine brand name supplies, we carry OEM modified MICR Cartridges crafted by the engineers at Renewable Toner to ensure check readability for bank acceptance.

MICR Printer Deals
Check out our section on Check Printing Deals for money saving packages and bundles geared towards setting you up quickly and easily. 

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