How to Print Payroll Checks in 4 Simple Steps

Sarena Fuller · Jan 11, 2021

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As a small or medium-sized business owner, the decision of how to pay employees is an important one. Do you outsource, especially when it may include hidden costs? One option is to print payroll checks in-house.


The following steps will prepare you for printing checks frugally to protect your bottom line.

Check Printing Prep

To print payroll checks, you need to have the following handy:


• Check printing software with check templates

• Printer

• MICR ink cartridge

• Check stock - blank or preprinted



1. Run Payroll

Run payroll using the method you prefer (e.g., payroll software, manually, or by an accountant) to find your employees’ net pay amounts.


Some payroll software programs such as Quickbooks include options to print checks. After you get your payroll software up and running, you can then print payroll checks directly from your account. You can also order secure check stock from Intuit.

2. Select Check Format



To print checks for your employees, you need check printing software or templates to print from. Popular options include CheckBuilderPro, CheckSoft and Print Checks Pro.


Each program will have different printing options. Adjust the layout and settings for your personal preferences. If you are using a payroll software program, you should be able to complete this step within the program. 

3. Set Up Printer & Checks


Follow these steps to get your checks ready to go:


  1. 1. Install the MICR cartridge (magnetic ink for bank acceptance)
  2. 2. Load the check stock 
  3. 3. Check printer settings


4. Print a Sample Check



Print a sample check to make sure everything is aligned correctly on your check paper. Make adjustments if necessary and print another sample check.


Once your check printing settings are correct, it’s time to print the entire batch. Make sure your printer has enough check paper to print all the checks.

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