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At Renewable Toner, we take customer support very seriously. In order to offer the best customer service we possibly can, we need feedback from customers like you. If you have any comments or suggestions about our products, services or support team, please fill out the form below.

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Past Customer Reviews

- 2/24/18 on Amazon.com: In the past I have purchased toners from the office supply store or online through Samsung. My toners cost from $80 to more than $100 if it was high yield. As a Notary Signing Agent I printed 1000's of pages of documents and always needed to have plenty of toner on hand to stay in business. I don't print much currently and to save some money I thought I would give it a try. The copies are just as crisp and dark as the more expensive products that I purchased previously. I don't know how long it will last but so far it working fine and for the price I can keep a couple extras on hand.

- 2/5/17 on Amazon.com: Toner arrived promptly, & worked fine initially. Though the print quality was fine, printer started getting intermittent paper jams. Customer Service response was AWESOME, agreeing to send me a new Toner pronto, free shipping. 2nd Toner works flawlessly. No jams; output good, and the toner chip properly reports remaining toner capacity. Excellent company to do business with! Highly Recommended!

-1/18/17 on Amazon.com: Our Brother HL-3170CDW was printing streaks down the sides of the pages. The light came on indicating we needed to replace the drum cartridge. I've purchased from this seller before and have always had good results. I ordered on Friday evening and the drum arrived Monday morning. We put it into the office printer and now it works perfectly! Good alternative to expensive Brother drum.

-9/2/16 on Amazon.com: I have an aging HP P3005dn laser printer that I’ve had now for years. Unfortunately though, it’s one of the HP series printer lines that have been plagued with a dreaded formatter board overheating issue that HP just refuses to address; hiding behind their limited warranty for an obvious manufacturing defect that has been around for years. Mind you, HP used to be the Cadillac of printers. In addition, I’m rather old school where I’d prefer to fix equipment as opposed to just shipping them off into the landfills. However, it’s getting harder and harder to do the aforementioned as we’ve turned into such a throwaway country. 
I was overly hesitant in purchasing a replacement toner cartridge for my very functional yet plagued laser printer, but decided to give my printer a chance. I was looking for a replacement toner cartridge on amazon.com and realized that my endeavor of breathing some additional life into my plagued printer was going to be somewhat cost prohibitive; and my printer could stop working anytime. I then came across a company (i.e. Renewable Toner) that literally believes in the same ideals that I do.
I ordered my replacement toner cartridge from Amazon.com using Amazon’s Prime; quick shipment and prompt delivery as usual. When I opened the toner cartridge box I was taken back by their rather striking and inventive product protecting packaging – I was beside myself. I removed the product from the box and packaging and popped the toner cartridge it into my printer; acknowledged the “Not HP genuine” warning (yeah, HP whatever) on my printer and printed a test page that contained text and graphics. Well, the text print quality was superb, but the graphics where riddled with white dots; but the vendor did indicate that they had a lifetime warranty and guaranteed their products compatibility 100%. 
I called Renewable Toner and was unexpectedly greeted with a kind, friendly, and courteous individual eager to help and make things right. Candice, the customer service representative, quickly issued a RMA and sent me out a replacement toner cartridge at no cost. Then something completely unexpected happened that took me way, way back. I received a call from Candice wanting to know how the replacement toner cartridge was working out. Ah what, no way, that is unheard of nowadays. I felt as if I just had a flashback to the 60s – full service gas station where the attendant came out with a friendly smile, gassed up your vehicle, checked under the hood, etcetera. I just came across a company that genuinely cares about their patrons, believes in their product, and exhibit exceptional caliber. Unfortunately though, the news I had for Candice, regarding the replacement toner cartridge, was not good. The replacement unit exhibited grinding noises when inserted into my printer. Again, Candice issued an RMA and a second replacement unit was sent out once again free of charge. 
After having received the second replacement, wouldn’t you know it; I had yet received another follow-up call from Candice. This time, however, I was able to inform Candice that the second replacement was working like a charm; just like my original, HP genuine cartridge. I extend my thanks and gratitude to all the fine people working at Renewable Toner for renewing my faith in quality driven businesses and making me realize that there are still companies out there that genuinely stand behind their products and their patrons. 
If you are in need of a toner cartridge for your laser printer, I would employ you to give Renewable Toner a call; good quality products at the fraction of the cost of those big branded genuine products. 
Some food for thought: In a world where printer manufacturers keep pushing people to use their overpriced genuine ink or toner cartridges, I would strongly recommend not to be too eager when it comes to printer firmware upgrades. Although these upgrades are generally geared towards fixing bugs/problems, they inevitably also include more enhance logic to detect non genuine ink or toner cartridges equipped with chips.
-6/7/16 on Amazon.com: Received 4/20/16. Installed about a week later into a printer used by two people who print a less-than-average amount. 5/31/16 pages started printing faded horizontal streaks. It was past the return date so we contacted the seller directly. Spoke with Kelly. OUTSTANDING customer service skills: pleasant, listened, understood and responded with replacement unit at no charge. FIVE STAR SERVICE.
-3/31/16 on Amazon.com:  We recently decided to try a new vendor for toner to try and save some money. We have already replaced the toner in almost 30 printers in our organization with toner from Renewable Toner and we have not had one problem and the print quality is as good as HP toner. I would highly recommend Renewable Toner to everyone.
-3/26/16 on Amazon.com: As a business owner, there's an old adage that says "Quality, Price, Service...pick any two." We can see this in our daily purchases. At Costco or Home Depot for example, we'll get a fairly good price and decent quality...but don't expect much service. Conversely if we walk into Tiffany's you will get very attentive service and stunning quality...but expect to pay for it. Somehow RT managed to provide all three of these attributes in one bundle and to a high degree. The price was right, I received the product within days, and I can tell no noticeable difference from an HP cartridge. Good job you guys...I know my next cartridge will come from your company.
-3/8/16 on Amazon.com: Only the yellow cartridge quit reading in my HP printer. I contacted them and received prompt and excellent service. This company stands behind their products 100% and also has a lifetime replacement. The best part is the ability to recycle empty toner cartridges for free!!
-9/25/15 on Amazon.com:  I was a little at first to hesitant to order a replacement toner cartridge for my precious printer. I didn't know where it had been, who its friends were, or if we would like the same things. But once this cartridge arrived, my hearing improved, I could see new colors and I grew 4" taller. I cannot believe I missed out on these things by buying HP certified cartridges before. I will forever throw caution to the wind and continue purchasing these. God bless you Renewable Toner!
-7/11/15 on Amazon.com:  This toner is the BEST I HAVE EVER USED. I honestly could not tell the difference between the original Brother OEM toner and this company's toner. The copy images were extremely sharp and had vibrant colors. I have used other manufacturers' replacement toner in the past, and I was reluctant to try this one, but I am extremely happy that I did. This greatly exceeded my expectations.
-7/6/15 on Amazon.com:  The customer service at this place is unbelievable, they go above and beyond to ensure their customers are satisfied. The print quality from these cartridges are just as good as the original HP toners but for nearly 1/3 of the price. I've gone back to them multiple times to purchase replacement cartridges for my HP451DW, they ship quickly and the cartridges are well packaged.
-6/10/15 on Amazon.com:  Hands down... the best deal out there!!! I recently finished my dissertation and spent over $400 to replace my Toner with HP's brand until I found Renewable Toner. The cost is nearly 1/3 of the price for the the HP Toner and the print quality is identical. Also, the good folks at Renewable Toner will go above and beyond to see to it that their customers are cared for.
-5/4/15 on Amazon.com:  I am totally satisfied with all the various Toner Cartridges I have receiver from Renewable. All have arrived on time and properly packaged. Of course the best aspect of their cartridges is the performance. All have printed in a clean, clear and sharp manner. Thanks for a great product. I'll be back for more.
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